Solid bank

Ringkjøbing Landbobank is a solid bank to which you can confidently entrust your banking business!

We have been providing solid advice since 1886, and this will continue to be our foundation.

We want to be seen as an attentive bank which puts itself in the customer’s situation and can provide a quick answer when needed. And we want to be seen as a flexible bank which is not large, but which can nevertheless offer a full range to both private and business customers.

In a nutshell, this means that your money matters are in safe hands with us.


Try us

We hope you would like to try us. Give us a question on your private finances and receive a free but substantial answer. 


Solid results

With the aid of competent employees, Ringkjøbing Landbobank has developed into one of Denmark’s most solid banks. Our credit policy has enabled us to circumvent the worst losses, and in the last four years we have had the best return on equity of any Danish bank. We said “No thank you” to a state loan because our deposits are increasing and our solvency amply complies with all present and future requirements.

Our results are due not least to our low costs. We have always focused on doing things quickly and effectively, and this means that we spend less than a third of a crown for every crown we earn. This is the absolutely lowest level for a Danish bank, and it is the basis for our ability to attract customers and business from throughout Denmark. In particular, we have considerable business within financing of medical practitioners and dentists, financing of wind turbines and investment consulting.


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Book a no-obligation meeting

Let’s have a no-obligation meeting in the bank, by telephone or, if you like, in your home.

If you like us and you’d like to move to Ringkjøbing Landbobank, we’ll arrange all the paperwork and the contact with your present bank. And of course the move is free.

Difficult? Not a bit!

It's not difficult to change to us because we will take care of everything.