General meeting

The next ordinary general meeting will be held on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 in the ROFI-Center in Ringkøbing.

With reference to the Danish Companies Act, section 90, 3 we kindly inform, that the deadline for any shareholder requests to include specific issues on the agenda for the annual general meeting as mentioned to be held Wednesday the 28 February 2024, is Tuesday the 16 January 2024 11:59 PM. If you want a topic included on the agenda, this must be done in writing and in accordance with the bank's articles of association.

The general meeting will be called at a later date.

General meeting

The latest general meeting

The latest ordinary general meeting was held on Wednesday, 1 March 2023 in the ROFI-Center in Ringkøbing.

Materials from the annual general meeting:

The minutes of the general meeting can, on request, be made available for perusal by shareholders at the bank's head office.

For a period after the general meeting, you can get confirmation as an investor that your votes have been counted if you cast them electronically. Click here.


Agenda and full proposals, minutes of the general meeting and distribution of votes for the latest 5 years

YearAgenda and full proposalsMinutes of the annual general meetingDistribution of votes
2023Agenda 2023Summary 2023Votes 2023
2022Agenda 2022Summary 2022Votes 2022
2021Agenda 2021Summary 2021Votes 2021
2020Agenda 2020Summary 2020Votes 2020
2019Agenda 2019Summary 2019Votes 2019 (in Danish)

Processing of personal data for shareholders etc.

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